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About Kiffah 


Kiffah Borneo Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 17 March 2015. Since then, without looking back, and it was the gate to travel the world in this century. Starting from a humble office, now we have grown to become one of the competitive companies in the travel and tourism industry.

“Reputation is recognized. Success is forged. Capable, Responsible-grandpa”. Kiffah Borneo Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd economic lifeblood, led by experienced staff offering the latest methods in package travel and tourism.

Kiffah Borneo Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd has the characteristics of strong management and strong results from the combination of innovative professionalism and without bureaucracy. We are more mature, full of insight dynamic and sensitive to any changes in the market. The Kiffah Borneo Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd science and wisdom become the main practice.

Today, we are still growing beside Coarsen fields other related business, the core business and support involving travel and tourism sector. With rapid advances in IT in this country, to our advantage to move into a new horizon. Find a best solution to improve the quality of life for all.

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