Kiffah Borneo Tours & Travel Sdn Bhd                  Melancong Bersama Kami!                  


We have a team of dedicated travel advisors, prudent, knowledgeable and experienced. All our staff are skilled in doing validation on the management of traveling the world. High level of professionalism is the result of training and recognition by the relevant agencies.

Package Travel & Events

1.          Package domestically and abroad
2.         Managing and planning; meetings, seminars and conferences
3.         Family Day, Recreation Company and annual dinner
4.         Services of tourist guides
5.         Hotel Reservations

Transportation Services

1.         Land transport: Bus persiaran, School Bus, van, limo and car hire.

Vehicle Type

1.         Bus tour of 40 – 44 seats
2.         Toyota Hiace Van 8 seats

All vehicles have a license from LPKP and passengers obtain insurance protection.
Collaborate with our business partners, we are able to provide comprehensive transportation services for our customers which emphasize quality and luxury.



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